It's time to meet your new favorite snack.

This tasty treat ACTUALLY delivers what it promises: on-the-go nourishment that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Our Energy Bites are made with the highest quality NON-GMO ingredients. We source ingredients that are incredibly beneficial to the body & are gluten free, sugar free & vegan.

All pouches of bites have less than 10g of coconut sugar, allowing you to taste the rich flavors of the other ingredients in addition to supporting healthy blood sugar levels. 5-6 grams of protein help you stay focused and full as you go about your busy day. 

Eat 'em morning, noon, or night, at home or on the go. Throw them in your gym bag, pair them with a smoothie, or simply enjoy a handful as your after dinner treat. The only regret you'll have is not finding them sooner :)

  • Certified gluten free rolled oats: a heart-healthy whole grain that's packed with fiber to give you long lasting energy

  • Coconut sugar: a tasty all-natural sugar with a low glycemic index to help prevent blood sugar spikes

  • ​Pecans, walnuts, almonds, peanuts: they pack a powerful punch of protein for energy! (& are chock full of vitamins and minerals to boot)

  • ​Olive oil: a healthy fat that has been used for centuries & is beneficial to every part of your body. It's no wonder it's regarded as the king of the oils

  • Coconut oil: loaded with antioxidants & is known to promote healing, digestion & immunity.  BONUS: its sweet, fruity flavor transports you to an island paradise

​​​Since we combine these powerhouse ingredients with bold flavors, we don't need to add a bunch of sugar to make them taste good. We let their natural flavors shine. These snacks are all about balance: taste and nutrition, simple ingredients & complex flavors. Nourish your mind, body, & heart.

Modern Comfort Food.

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